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Indian Cooking Class: Bengali Aloo Dum and Paratha

Adult Learning / Culinary Creations -
Summer 2021 Adult

Learn to cook a delicious gluten-free, vegan Indian meal with very simple ingredients! Explore the tastes of India as you learn how to make a tangy, savory potato curry (aloo dum) and flatbread (paratha). This course is being offered for free in celebration of PeopleFest! on behalf of Eden Prairie Community Education and Indian cooking instructor, blogger, and author Mish Sen. A $5 ingredient fee will be collected by the instructor during class.

About the Food! Mish has selected the following 2 recipes from her soon-to-be released cookbook:

Bengali Aloo Dum: This simple potato curry has regional variations. Mish hails from West Bengal, India, and this is how they make Aloo Dum during special occasions. Utterly delicious and yet so simple, you will be amazed! No onion or garlic chopping. This dish is flavored with ginger and tomatoes and a few other simple ingredients. You're in for a delightful and fun experience.

Paratha: Come learn how to make this popular flatbread from India made with whole wheat. Mish will teach you how to make this bread from scratch. Get ready to get your hands dirty as you mix, knead and roll out the dough and then make delicious paratha that are the perfect accompaniment to Aloo Dum.

21321 Full

  Sudeshna Sen

Eden Prairie High School : Room 163 - FACS Room
Tuesday, Aug 10
6:00 - 8:00 PM


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