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Code Drones + Code a Video Game

EPIC Youth Programs / STEM -
Summer 2022 Youth

Discover this groundbreaking technology as you have a blast learning to code drones AND to program an exhilarating drone inspired Video game and enjoy fun STEAM challenges. Also know as UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles), kids in small teams code a drone to obey their every command. Have a blast as you develop a flight plan so the drone goes through loops and turns to reach the objective. THEN learn to code an action packed drone inspired video game to take home. More fun activities included. A great camp to get introduced to the amazing world of flight and coding.

Please bring a USB Flash drive to save your projects. 

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  Tech Tac Toe Staff

Eden Lake Elementary : Room TBD
Mon Jun 27 - Thu Jun 30
1:00 - 4:00 PM


Grades   2nd - 5th

Price: $ 159 00

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