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  • Beginner’s Guide to Using FREE ChatGPT (AI) for Writers

    ChatGPT (AI) is here to stay and is the future for writers and content creators. Don’t be left behind! No prior AI experience required. Do you want to learn how to incorporate the power of cutting-edge technology to gain ideas and inspiration, write web content, articles, and even novels or scripts? In this beginner-friendly course, you’ll learn how to: register for a FREE ChatGPT account input effective writing prompts to avoid nonsense responses build creative content, from stories to marketing copy determine its capabilities and limitations understand ethical/legal considerations using ChatGPT There’s no doubt ChatGPT and similar AI systems will force the job market to evolve. It’s crucial for everyone to adapt, learn new skills, and be open to working in collaboration with AI, so start building your expertise in the world of ChatGPT now! Login information will be emailed the day before class. As this course will be taught virtually, you will need access to video and audio on a computer, tablet or phone with internet connection. This class will be held on Zoom, which is free to use. The Zoom link will be emailed to you prior to the first day of class.
  • iPhone Photography and Editing

    iPhone Photography and Editing is a class for anyone with an iPhone who wants to learn how to take great photos and to edit them so they are even better. We’ll cover composition, the rule of thirds, camera settings, camera functions, how to control your flash and live photos, portrait mode, and night mode. Then, we’ll learn about the editing tools available on the iPhone to make your photos look even more beautiful! Please bring your iPhone device
  • iPhone/iPad Fundamentals

    iPhone/iPad Fundamentals (for anyone!) iPhone/iPad fundamentals is a class for all iPhone/iPad users no matter how long you’ve had your device. We’ll cover navigating your device, settings, customization, widgets, app library, Siri, privacy, App Store and iCloud. Please bring your iPhone/iPad device.
  • iPhone/iPad Intermediate

    iPhone/iPad Intermediate is a class for any iPhone/iPad users who want to be more productive and efficient with their device. We’ll cover Calendar, Reminders, Maps, and Mail. Plus, we’ll throw in some tips and tricks to help with multitasking and troubleshooting! The iPhone/iPad Fundamentals class is highly recommended prior to this class, but is not required. Please bring your iPhone/iPad device