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3D Engineering: Architectural & Structural Design

EPIC Youth Programs / Summer EPIC Enrichment Courses (K-6th grade) / Week 3: July 15th-18th -
Summer 2024 Youth

Bring your imagination to life. Become a master bricklayer and use our special architectural LEGO® kits to build your creations. Be an architect as you learn the principles of construction. The main goal of the course is to introduce the concept of 3-dimensions and their role in design. Students will construct buildings, structures, towers, castles, and more within teams. Students will learn construction principles and use math skills to experiment with scale and size, staggering vs. stacking bricks, and more. We'll build houses with removable roofs, castles with turrets, and towers of strength! It might just be impossible to exhaust the creative potential of LEGO® bricks. With an active imagination as your guide, there are endless possibilities. Students will be working in pairs.

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  Tech Academy - Tech Academy

Forest Hills Elementary : Room 124
Mon Jul 15 - Thu Jul 18
1:00 - 4:30 PM


Grades   K - 3rd

Price: $ 169 00

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