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  • Minnesota Muslims Up Close

    Historical records show a Muslim presence in Minnesota that goes as far back as 1880. Current estimates put the Muslim population in Minnesota at about 140,000. This class is based on the exhibit Tracks in the Snow – The Minnesota Muslim Experience since 1880 which Islamic Resource Group put together with support from the Minnesota Historical Society in 2014. You will get an exclusive insight into the lives and experiences of Minnesota Muslims from different cultural backgrounds and their pioneering work.
  • Washington, D.C. - The History and the Monuments

    Come for an informative and insightful evening learning absolutely everything about our nation’s capital! We will study the founding and the evolution of one of the world's greatest cities. Join us to examine the monuments, the memorials, the masterpieces, the buildings, and the museums that represent our past and our future. The instructor has been leading student trips to DC for 20 years. This class is for anyone who is planning a trip to DC, has been there and was inspired to learn more, or wants to just wants to learn more about this amazing place. This class will leave the participants feeling a sense of patriotism and pride for our nation. The instructor will be leading a trip to Liverpool and London in August and will have additional information about that wonderful opportunity at the end of the class.