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  • A Happier and Healthier You!: A Self-paced Program to Build Sustainable Wellness & Nutritional Habits

    Receive weekly health coaching videos full of tangible tips delivered straight to your inbox! This month-long, self-paced program will motivate and inspire you to be the healthiest and happiest version of yourself. Videos will focus on nutrition and sustaining wellness, are brief enough to fit into any busy lifestyle, and are designed to empower people to better show up for their lives! Courtney will coach you through how to make small changes that result in lasting gains. Each week, she will challenge you with simple action items related to the topic of the week: Week One: Why living healthy matters & finding YOUR why Week Two: How to grocery shop like a nutrition pro Week Three: How to stay motivated and determined to live healthy Week Four: How to simplify healthy eating, set yourself up for success, and meal prep Join us and experience how living a healthy lifestyle benefits all aspects of life!
  • Adulting in America: Skills for an Easier Life

    Learn how to stay organized, financially stable and safe. Take home tools and strategies that will make your life easier. This 6 week course will cover:  The MUSTs of organizing life & Finding Time  Basics to a Clean Space, & Cooking for One  Papers- When, where, & safe keeping, Consumer Protection  Health and Financial/Legal Affairs  Budget & Spending Plans  Managing Emotions, Pay It Forward, Personal Portfolio
  • Become a Community Resource Navigator

    New to the area? Looking for community resources to help your family or friends in need? Want to find more family-friendly activities for you and your children to participate in? Then this class is for you! Become an expert on local programs and services! Learn how to find and navigate the array of resources and activities that Eden Prairie and Hennepin County have to offer! Whether you're looking for yourself, or you want to help others, join us for this fun and informative workshop. Children are welcome to attend with a guardian.
  • Create a Meaningful Vocation

    Are you dissatisfied with your vocation and unsure of what do to next? Are you struggling with what steps to take to move forward? Imagine tapping into the innate wisdom of your own soul to provide you with the answers and direction you seek. Learn how to discover your natural gifts and talents; identify and move past the issues that are keeping you stuck; and implement a plan to manifest your vision. This process can provide you with the confidence and tools you need to create a fulfilling vocation that utilizes your unique gifts and empowers you to make a difference in people’s lives.
  • Deeper into Meditation

    Arvind Naik, a long-time meditator, will lead this helpful and stimulating workshop for old and new meditators, demonstrating the most natural and effective techniques of meditation, and giving many useful directions for deepening and stabilizing our meditation practices to gain more inner bliss and peace. There will be meditation sittings. Need to have some meditation exposure. Brand new students should explore Meditation a Tool to Balance class.
  • Family School Testing and Registration

    Family School offers free afternoon English classes for adults, Little Eagles preschool for 3 and 4 year olds, and an infant and toddler classroom for younger children. Adult English classes are provided by Metro South Adult Basic Education, and children's classes are staffed by licensed early childhood educators. Preschoolers attend afternoon Lower Campus preschool, and their parents and younger siblings attend class twice a week. This online registration lets us know that you are interested in the class and what kinds of childcare you will need. It is the first step in applying to Family School: after submitting this registration with Eden Prairie Schools, applicants will need to take a test with Metro South Adult Basic Education in order to find out if they qualify for the class. Please register for the December 18 testing day if you are available; if not, register for the first class option and call Metro South ABE to schedule a testing and registration appointment. NOTE: Our preschool scholarship spaces are currently full: we are not able to offer fee assistance or transportation for preschoolers. Free space is still available in the adult and toddler classrooms.
  • Meditation for a Happy Family (Adult and Youth Ages 5 to 12)

    In this fast-paced life, often our families get ignored. We love our family, but we get caught up in our stressful day-to-day routine. Everyone is driven to accomplish more, and we ignore the most important foundations of our life: love, happiness, and peace. Meditation helps to restore these foundational elements, assisting our family members to gain confidence. It increases bonding among loved ones and is a means to foster success in our individual and family life. Please join Arvind and Ashwini Naik, long-term meditators, who have been leading meditation programs for families for the last 15 years. They will introduce the concept of a meditation practice in the family. In this interactive workshop, they will explain the benefits and impact of meditation on family life. The workshop will include fun activities, games, and meditation exercises. This class is for youth ages 5-12 and their parents or guardians. The group will separate by age group, with ages 5-8 and ages 9-12 in different rooms with their parents or guardians.
  • Meditation: A Tool to Balance Your Life

    We live in a fast paced world, filled with challenges and constant demands made on our precious time. Wouldn't it be nice if we could step back, take a little vacation from all the tension and find a place filled with joy, bliss and peace?" When we learn how to meditate, we find such a place within our very selves. The practice of meditation contributes to a more positive, healthy lifestyle. It is an invaluable tool helping people reduce stress, gain a deeper sense of fulfillment in life as well as foster greater physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Join Arvind Naik, long time meditator, as he connects meditation to important aspects of our lives. He will offer a practical technique of meditation that can positively impact your life.
  • Volunteering in Eden Prairie

    Discover ways to enrich your life and others' right here in our community. Tap into your strengths and expertise, and learn how you can give back while experiencing a sense of fulfillment. Understand what opportunities are available through the Eden Prairie Schools district-wide volunteer program, the Sharing Inspiration Guest Speakers Bureau, and beyond! All are welcome at this no-pressure information session.