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  • Creative Art Kits

    Art Kits Designed by Kidcreate Studio for Youth Grades K-5 These creative art kits come with online instructional videos and that allow your student to exercise the creative side of their brain! The kit contains an easy to follow lesson plan, a link to a correlating online instructional video taught by a Kidcreate Studio art teacher, art materials needed to create a masterpiece and additional suggestions for online learning that relate to the art lesson. Order 1, 2 or 3 kits! They make great gifts too! Pick-up or Shipping Information Kits can be picked up curbside at Kidcreate Studio, 7918 Mitchell Road, Eden Prairie. Order your kit(s) before Midnight on Sunday and it will be ready for pick-up on Wednesday from 2:00-3:00 p.m. or Thursday from 10:00-11:00 a.m. After Midnight on Sunday, your kit will be available for pick-up the following week. If the above times do not work for your schedule, email to schedule a pick-up time. Kits can also be shipped for $12. Up to 3 kits can be shipped for the $12 rate. Available Kits The price of the kits are: 1 for $19, 2 for $35, or 3 for $45 The price of the kits with shipping are: 1 for $32, 2 for $47, or 3 for $57 Horsing Around Is your child crazy about horses? Arabians, Thoroughbreds, and Palominos - do they love them all? With this popular kit, your child will learn simple step-by-step techniques to sculpt a beautiful horse. Clay Owl Whooo loves art? We do! With this kit your young artist will get to poke, pound, roll and shape clay into their very adorable clay owl. How to Draw and Paint a Puppy A how-to-draw activity is a great boredom buster! With this kit the kids will learn how to draw and paint an adorable puppy by using a simple step-by-step process. Glow-in-the-Dark Clay Rocket Ship 3-2-1 Blast Off! This project will ROCK your child's world long after the lights go out at night. Replace the night light with your child's masterpiece that glows-in-the dark! Aurora Borealis Does your child know what the Aurora Borealis is? Do they know it by the more common name of the Northern Lights? With this kit your student will learn more about Aurora Borealis as they create a mixed media masterpiece. Garden Collage Bring a little bit of spring into your child's life with this beautiful collage. Your budding artist will follow step-by-step instructions as they create a mixed media masterpiece on a canvas board.
  • Science Explorers Crazy Chemistry Kit

    Join Science Explorers in a virtual laboratory as we become crazy chemists! We will investigate the Periodic Table and learn about its families with fun and exciting experiments as we discover the science side of STEM. We will break some chemical bonds, get messy with polymers and much more. Our classes are be ready for a mess! Crazy Chemistry Kit contains an outline and much of the materials needed to complete this pre-recorded class. A 30-day link will be provided to access a private video on YouTube. The kit contains blank Periodic Table, pH color chart, dropper and spoon, 30ml measuring cup, Magic Snow, purple cabbage extract, magnesium powder, vinegar and citric acid powder, and much more. Recommended Ages: Grades 2-6
  • Science Explorers STEM Sampler Kit

    Join Science Explorers in virtual laboratory as we explore three areas of STEM.First, discover the science side of STEM as we learn the difference between chemical and physical changes with sloppy, slimy, and messy experiments. Next, investigate technology as we learn if our hand is really quicker than the eye with various fun optical illusions. Then, discover engineering and math as we construct a marble roller coaster to learn about physics. This virtual class is filled with engaging experiments and activities. The kit will contain an outline and much of the materials needed to complete the pre-recorded class. A 30-day link will be provided to access a private video on YouTube. The kit contains: Magic Crystals, dropper and spoon, 30ml measuring cup, baking soda and citric acid, color tablet, pony beads, CD spinner, 3D glasses and more. Recommended Ages: Grades 2-6
  • Science Explorers Young Inventors Kit

    The Young Inventors Kit is a child's first step into tinkering and inventing. You don’t need to have gray hair and wrinkles to be an inventor. Children are natural inventors and are curious and imaginative all on their own. Did you know that a child invented the Popsicle or that a 16 year old invented the trampoline? Encourage your child's tinkering spirit with this fun and engaging kit as they build an electrical circuit and learn about pneumatics. Your child will be designing, building, and creating for hours on end. They may just invent the next "big thing". The 175+ piece kit contains tools, adhesives, building materials, craft items, and a 16 page Activity Guide. It is packed with screwdrivers, screws, pliers, 1.5 volt hobby motor, batteries and holder, scissors, wheels, clamps, and much, much more. Recommended Ages: Experimenting with an adult ages 8+. Experimenting under adult supervision, ages 12+.