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  • Estate Planning Solutions

    This class will help you understand Wills, Trusts, Health Care Directives and Powers of Attorney. You'll learn ways to avoid probate. Discussion of common mistakes will help you avoid the unwanted consequences that others have faced.
  • Prepare Your Own Will

    Who would raise your children if you died? Who will be your personal representative? Without a will, the laws in Minnesota and a judge make all of the decisions. Take charge of these decisions in this class. You will leave with a simple will prepared and have new peace of mind. Instruction and all the necessary forms, witnesses and notaries are provided. Will form is included in the tuition. Instructor Adam Altman is an attorney experienced in drafting wills.Eden Prairie Community Education www.edenpr.org/epcommunityed
  • Savvy Social Security Planning for Couples

    The Social Security decisions spouses make when they are in their 60s will determine the amount of total income they will receive over their lifetime – including the lifetime of the spouse who lives the longest. This workshop will cover some little-known rules that can help married couples get more out of the Social Security system.This workshop will cover: How much Social Security you and your spouse stand to receive over your joint lifetime Rules and guidelines for when spouses should apply for benefits How the decisions you make in your 60s can determine the amount of income you – or your surviving spouse – will have in your 80s and 90s How spouses with little or no prior earnings can take advantage of Social Security benefits How a little-known rule passed in 2000 has opened the door to creative spousal strategies The number-one most important thing all higher-earning spouses should do Two key things you need to know about Social Security survivor benefits How remarriage affects survivor benefits from a former spouse How to avoid mistakes at your Social Security office This workshop is primarily for married couples as it discusses Social Security benefits available to spouses.Eden Prairie Community Education www.edenpr.org/epcommunityed
  • Savvy Social Security Planning for Widowed and Divorced

    Understanding Social Security is critical to your retirement.  Discussion includes factors to consider when deciding when to apply for benefits, survivor benefits, divorced-spouse benefits, and divorced-spouse survivor benefits.  What to do if you marital status changes, or an ex-spouse dies, and other strategies. Eden Prairie Community Education www.edenpr.org/epcommunityed
  • What to Do Before and After the Funeral

    After a loved one dies, family members are bombarded with questions related to decisions that must be made before the funeral. Working through those questions ahead of time will ease the burden. A second flurry of activity occurs after the funeral to settle the deceased's estate. Learn when probate is and isn't necessary, and the steps to expect in settling the deceased's affairs. Bonnie Wittenburg, an estate planning and probate lawyer and Jeanne McGill, a funeral consultant will lead this discussion.