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  • Art And Relaxation for Adults

    Do you lead a busy life? Are you looking for some ‘me time’ to regroup? Join us for this creative and therapeutic class! You will have an opportunity to practice Japanese relaxation techniques that will promote healthy mindfulness. Listen to relaxing, meditative music, while exploring your creative side. Using only your fingers and aqua-based oil paint, you will enjoy creating an impressionistic composition on canvas. Bring a favorite full-color photo to class to use as a guide. Or, you can use one of the instructor's. Latex-free gloves will be available to wear while creating your one-of-a-kind work of art. The instructor will nurture your artistic side, but also give you relaxation exercises to help with the daily challenges of life. Kris Mastley Holtmeyer is a professional multimedia artist and has owned and operated Artistic Moments for 20 years. She is also a certified Master Reiki Practitioner. She enjoys teaching her students relaxation methods that create a peaceful inner soul and enhance everything in life. Practicing relaxation techniques aids in stress reduction, better sleep, and can help to improve and maintain health. 
  • Bike Maintenance - Advanced

    Take your ability to maintain your own bike to the next level. This class focuses on maintenance that the cyclist can do at home. It will cover more advanced shifting and braking systems, such as disc brakes, bearing systems for hubs and headsets, wheel repair and basic bike fittings and adjustments.. Basic bike knowledge is needed for this class. Instructor will bring bike and tools.
  • Bike Maintenance - Beginner

    Simple preventative maintenance goes a long way in the cycling world. The beginner maintenance class will cover simple repairs that anyone can do in their garage, or more importantly on the side of the road or trail. Learn flat tire repair, simple shift and brake adjustments, tightening bolts, cleaning and lubing the drive train, simple preventative maintenance, and tools every cyclist should keep with them while riding. Do not bring your bike.  Instructor will bring bikes and tools for demonstration.
  • Butterfly Gardening

    Discover the life cycle of a butterfly, learn about choosing host and nectar plants and take the next step and start creating your own butterfly garden!
  • Creative Rock Painting (Outdoors)

    Have you ever seen a painted garden rock?  Join us for a fun and entertaining class as we explore the world of rock painting for the outdoors. Choose a unique stone in class and learn how to create your own individual painting, by studying the shape of the rock. Have fun mixing vibrant acrylic paints and use a variety of brushes and design a rock to compliment your garden! . Registration fee includes all materials.
  • Edible Gardening

    Ideas and methods to incorporate edible plants into just about anywhere in your landscape.  New ways to think about growing edibles.This presentation will be led by Extension Master Gardener Volunteers with Hennepin County. 
  • Fresh, Natural Spring Soaps

    Join our soap making party!  Make fun, easy, beautiful & moisturizing detergent-free melt 'n pour soaps with nutrient rich natural oils and butters.  Luscious refreshing fragrances you'll love like: orange, berry, lemon, peach, peony, passionfruit, lilac, melon & more!  Lovely soaps make amazing gifts for the gardeners in your life and on Mother's Day. Take home 4 fragrances of soaps, recipes, tips.. Cost of materials ($20) will be collected at class.What are the benefits of natural skincare? See what your instructor, Raulla Mitchell, has to say about the topic.  Eden Prairie Community Education www.epcommunityed.org
  • How to Cut the Cable Cord

    Cable (or satellite) television is the single most expensive utility for many households.  This class will show you many viewing options that are free or much lower cost than cable.  We'll discuss the pros and cons of cable, how to get internet without cable, how to get TV from your computer to your television, and much, much more.
  • Joy of Braiding (Adult and Child age 5+)

    Learn to braid hair with your child or grandchild for a hands-on fun-filled class.  You will be taught the basic techniques used anywhere from casual school days to more formal events.  The class includes the essential tools needed which you also get to take home to recreate the look.  The class ends with a flower in the hair & sporting a new look. 
  • Landscaping for Life

    Wildlife watching from your own home?  Birds are in steep decline but you can make a change for the better by surrounding your home with native plants.  In addition to providing food and shelter for birds, pollinators and other wildlife, native plants are beautiful and low maintenance.  This class is for everyone who enjoys nature and wants to be a better environmental steward.
  • Natural Landscaping with Prairie Natives

    Interested in flowers and grasses that look great, are hardy, take no fertilizer, require little to no irrigation or pesticide, and bring birds, pollinators and butterflies.  Learn about growing Minnesota's native prairie plants in your own garden or landscape.  This one-hour course will start you on your own journey of prairie discovery, and connection to your landscape in a new and deeper way.
  • Photo Organization - Print & Digital

    A photograph captures a moment that is gone forever! Are your photographs in a box, drawer, suitcase, phone, camera chip, external hard drive, or all of the above? Are they securely backed up? Understand why photo organization/scrapbooking is more difficult today versus years ago. The number one goal is to SAVE - ORGANIZE - SHARE your photos. Discover alternatives to get every printed/digital photo, video and memorabilia in one location...from scanning to storage and organization. You'll leave with options to access every photo you own...and be able to share them with family and friends.
  • Rain Gardening

    A rain garden is a bowl-shaped garden designed to absorb excess rainwater run-off from a house and its associated landscape.  Learn how having a rain garden benefits the environment, how to make one and what plants are suitable.
  • Twined Rag Rug

    Reuse and repurpose worn out clothing, worn out linens and/or left over fabrics into beautiful, creative rag rugs by learning the techniques of Twined Rag Rugs. At the completion of the two evening class, you will leave with a loom, completed 20” x 32” rug, and the knowledge to create more lasting pieces for your home. During the first session, learn how to warp your loom for weaving and learn the weaving techniques. Students will work on their piece over the next week and come to the second session to complete the weaving, remove the rug from the loom and learn techniques for finishing the ends. Plan on a total of 12-15 hours to complete one rug. Bring to class the following: A sharp scissors, crochet hook/latch hook and approximately 15 yards of similar weight fabric (repurposed or new). If you don’t have materials at home, check a local thrift store for fabric, sheets, curtains, or jeans. Instruction on how to prepare your fabric will be distributed to you 5 days prior to the class start date. The fee for loom purchase and supplies is included in the registration fee.