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  • 50+ Travel - Sharing the Wisdom

    Travel is high on many people’s retirement list. How do you decide where, when and how to go? Whether you are an experienced or new traveler, talking with others is a valuable resource. This class will provide some basics on using internet travel sites and tour groups, as well as encouraging group input on personal travel experiences to share the wisdom. 
  • Art And Relaxation

    Do you lead a busy life? Are you looking for some ‘me time’ to regroup? Join us for this creative and therapeutic class! You will have an opportunity to practice Japanese relaxation techniques that will promote healthy mindfulness. Listen to relaxing, meditative music, while exploring your creative side. Using only your fingers and aqua-based oil paint, you will enjoy creating an impressionistic composition on canvas. Bring a favorite full-color photo to class to use as a guide. Or, you can use one of the instructor's. Latex-free gloves will be available to wear while creating your one-of-a-kind work of art. The instructor will nurture your artistic side, but also give you relaxation exercises to help with the daily challenges of life. Kris Mastley Holtmeyer is a professional multimedia artist and has owned and operated Artistic Moments for 20 years. She is also a certified Master Reiki Practitioner. She enjoys teaching her students relaxation methods that create a peaceful inner soul and enhance everything in life. Practicing relaxation techniques aids in stress reduction, better sleep, and can help to improve and maintain health. 
  • Beginning Bridge, Book One Bidding

    Meet new people, have a good time AND learn to play the most stimulating card game ever, Bridge. This course covers the current approach to basic bidding and play. It is a combination of class time and actual play of hands. It is designed for those who have never played as well as for those who have not played in awhile. Our instructor is a Silver Life Master and ACBL Certified Instructor. There is a book to accompany the course available from the instructor for $20.00. Eden Prairie Community Education www.edenpr.org/epcommunityed
  • Bike Maintenance - Beginner

    Simple preventative maintenance goes a long way in the cycling world. The beginner maintenance class will cover simple repairs that anyone can do in their garage, or more importantly on the side of the road or trail. Learn flat tire repair, simple shift and brake adjustments, tightening bolts, and cleaning and lubing the drivetrain. It will also cover tools needed for repairs.
  • Bike Maintenance - Intermediate

    This class is about expanding your knowledge base of bike maintenance and to give you the opportunity to do basic bike tune ups on your own. It will cover more advanced shifting and braking systems, headset, hub, and bottom bracket bearings and wheel repair. Basic bike knowledge is needed for this class.
  • Fall Yard and Garden Care

    Prepare your lawn and gardens now for a better growing season next year! Extension Master Gardener Volunteers with Hennepin County with cover tasks and guidelines for fall yard and garden care. 
  • Family Soap Making for the Holidays

    Make fun and easy moisturizing melt 'n pour holiday soaps with your child/children. Detergent-free and gentle on skin. Fun holiday shapes (snowflakes, gingerbread boys, candy canes, trees, snowmen, ornaments) in yummy holiday fragrances including vanilla buttercream, almond, caramel cinnamon, sugar plum, cupcake, vanilla noel, and more. Handmade soaps made with love make amazing holiday gifts for all ages! Class fee includes one adult and one child. Supply fee of $20 per pair due to instructor at class. Kids ages 8 and older are welcome. What are the benefits of natural skincare? See what your instructor, Raulla Mitchell, has to say about the topic.
  • Halloween Soap Making Party

    Make several batches of fun and easy sulfate-free melt 'n pour shea butter, goat's milk and glycerin soap in non-scary Halloween shape molds: pumpkins, bats, ghosts, witches' hats, and spider webs. We will use candy fragrance oils including: orange, coconut, chocolate, cupcake, cinnamon, green apple, lemonade, brown sugar. Costumes optional. Perfect for families to make Halloween party gifts! Minimum age is 8-years-old with an adult. Cost of materials ($20 per person) will be collected at class.What are the benefits of natural skincare? See what your instructor, Raulla Mitchell, has to say about the topic.
  • Shuffle, Deal, and Play Bridge

    Improve your bidding, play and defense in a learning situation. Each class will include a question and answer period and approximately one and a half hours of actual play during which you can ask questions of and receive advice from the instructor. Prerequisite: Knowledge of the basics of the game or completion of Book One (Bidding) by Audrey Grant. Limit: 16  Eden Prairie Community Education www.edenpr.org/epcommunityed
  • Twined Rag Rug

    Reuse and repurpose worn out clothing, worn out linens and/or left over fabrics into beautiful, creative rag rugs by learning the techniques of Twined Rag Rugs. At the completion of the two evening class, you will leave with a loom, completed 20” x 32” rug, and the knowledge to create more lasting pieces for your home. During the first session, learn how to warp your loom for weaving and learn the weaving techniques. Students will work on their piece over the next week and come to the second session to complete the weaving, remove the rug from the loom and learn techniques for finishing the ends. Plan on a total of 12-15 hours to complete one rug. Bring to class the following: A sharp scissors, crochet hook/latch hook and approximately 15 yards of similar weight fabric (repurposed or new). If you don’t have materials at home, check a local thrift store for fabric, sheets, curtains, or jeans. Instruction on how to prepare your fabric will be distributed to you 5 days prior to the class start date. The fee for loom purchase and supplies is included in the registration fee. 
  • Worm Compost Basics

    Join us for a discussion of compost basics for people who are starting or using an indoor worm compost setup. We'll discuss why to compost with worms, worm biology and habitat, what kind of bin to use, good places for worm bins, how to maintain and troubleshoot your worm bin, how to harvest vermicompost, and what to do with the finished compost. This presentation will be led by Extension Master Gardener Volunteers with Hennepin County.