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  • Eagles Study Sessions and Family Learning Nights

    This year the Eden Prairie Schools Title I Program, our Community Education Department, and Baro Tutoring/City Hill community volunteers are hosting a variety of Tuesday and Thursday evening events for families to engage in FREE learning opportunities. SCROLL DOWN TO REGISTER.Eagles Study Sessions: All Tuesday and Thursday evenings include free academic support for Eden Prairie Schools K-12 students (provided by Baro Tutoring/City Hill community volunteers), which we are calling Eagles Study Sessions. At least one parent or responsible adult must remain onsite while your student attends an Eagles Study Session. Parents and younger siblings are welcome to play in the Motor Room or visit with other parents during this time. Families only need to register once to enroll your child in the Eagles Study Sessions.Family Learning Nights: Select Tuesday evenings are Family Learning Nights, which include:  Eagles Study Sessions (academic support for Eden Prairie Schools K-12 students) Classes for parents on how to support your learner and navigate community resources Childcare for younger siblings while parents attend classes Pizza for all family members who register Transportation and interpreters (Spanish and Somali) are also available, if needed. Please contact Molly Patil at 952-975-6942 to request this 1 week prior to the class start date. Families are asked to register for Family Learning Nights by the season(s) you plan to attend: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each season includes 4 or 5 Family Learning Nights, but families are welcome to join at any time throughout the year. Fall Session Parent Classes Include: Sept. 25: Parent Technology Workshop: Schoology, Campus, and Eleyo, OH MY! presented by Laurie Callies Oct. 16: An Overview of Eden Prairie's English Learner Program presented by Julie Krohn Oct. 30 & Nov. 13: Supporting Successful Readers (2-part class) presented by Jeff Thelen Winter Session Parent Classes Include: Nov. 27 & Dec. 11: What Kids Keep Telling Me (2-part class) presented by Jeff Thelen Jan. 15: Local Programs & Services Showcase presented by Community Education Jan. 29: How We Can Help: An Overview of the Family Resources Program presented by Community Education Spring Session Parent Classes Include: Feb. 12 & Mar. 12: Supporting Successful Readers (2-part class) presented by Jeff Thelen Mar. 26: Local Programs & Services Showcase presented by Community Education Apr 9: What Kids Keep Telling Me presented by Jeff Thelen Apr. 23: Productive Summer Learning for Your Child: Maintaining School-Year Success Over the Summer Months presented by Jeff Thelen All programming and services are free and open to families attending Eden Prairie Schools. Learn more about Family Learning Nights by visiting the Eden Prairie Schools Title I website: www.edenpr.org/page/153IMPORTANT NOTE: You must register for BOTH the Eagles Study Sessions Section and the Family Learning Nights you plan to attend (sections are by season).
  • Growing Up: Parents and Daughters Connecting

    GROWING UP! A workshop for parents and daughters ages 9-12.Growing up can be exciting, exhilarating, confusing and scary – all at the same time! Join health educators from myHealth for Teens & Young Adults for a fun and informative three hour workshop that will take some of the mystery out of puberty and the questions out of adolescence. Prepare to laugh, create, question, learn and grow – TOGETHER! Girls ages 9-12 and their parent, or other trusted adult, will engage in fun and thought-provoking activities that help them learn about: puberty and development in males and females what is normal (and great!) about growing up, how to have the best parent-child communication possible, and how to maintain or strengthen family bonds.
  • Parents of Eden Prairie (PEP) Parenting Group

    Have you ever wondered if you’re the only family who’s struggling with effective parenting strategies? Do you want to parent in ways that feel more loving and peaceful to you and your child? Well, you’re not alone and PEP is for you! PEP, which is designed for parents of children ages 3 - 16, is facilitated by Paula Arthur, School Psychologist, Certified Parent Coach, and parent. As an informal discussion group, PEP includes opportunities for participants to share and discuss current parenting challenges as well as to ask questions. It also serves as on-going support for whatever you’re working on as a parent. Please join us for professionally guided discussions and information about effective parenting strategies. This group will meet on a monthly basis and you are welcome to join at any time. Registration is by each individual session, but we encourage you to sign up for multiple or all sessions to receive the most benefit. 
  • Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll: How to Be an Askable Adult About Anything

    Tips and Strategies for Enhancing Parent Approachability About Tough Subjects That Matter to Young People Being an askable adult means that young people see you as someone who is safe, non-judgmental and approachable about issues that they may face. The askable adult is a good listener, respects confidentiality, and is willing to look for accurate information to support young people in making healthy decisions for themselves. In this workshop adult participants will develop skills for communicating and advocating for the young people in their lives. This class is offered in partnership with Cornerstone and the Community Engagement Impact Council.