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  • Advanced Drawing - Self Portraits with Kidcreate Studio

    One of the best ways for an artist to show how they see the world is by showing how they see themselves. In this special camp exclusively for older kids, we’ll explore a wide array of techniques as we create a series of diverse self-portraits. These portraits will range from realistic to cartoon, and we’ll use everything from paper and pencil to air-dry clay and paint. You’ve already mastered snapping a selfie; now it’s time to master the self-portrait! Course Offered by: Kidcreate Studio
  • Babysitter Training

    Would you like to be a babysitter? Learn the skills needed to be a responsible caregiver! This Babysitter's Training course will provide you with the tools you need. Designed for boys and girls, ages 10-16 this 8 hour course will cover age-specific child care and development, safety, basic first-aid, plus, how to find jobs, communicate with parents and run your own babysitting business! By the end, you will be ready and skilled to be a great child care worker! Course Offered by: Vicky Sarahan, Independent Instructor
  • Camp Couture: Fashion Drawing

    Are you interested in fashion design? Join us for this camp where you will put your ideas on paper! Try different art media, draw from real clothes, and create your own design illustrations using your own inspirations! Supplies will be provided. Course Offered by: Jen Beaupre Designs
  • Chibi Art

    The students will learn how to draw kawaii (cute), Japanese-inspired chibi characters! Chibi is a Japanese word meaning short or small. It is a style that can be used to make beautiful art, while still being easy and fun, perfect for beginner artists to learn. Course Offered by: Young Rembrandts
  • Engineering for Good

    Creative engineering with real impact! You have the power to design a better world! Join our Engineering for Good Camp to solve real world problems! Explore animal prosthetics, minimize the problem with plastics, build a wind turbine and harness the power of solar energy! You will brainstorm ideas and then use the Engineering Design Process to design, create, test, and refine your creations. Bring your passion for good and ideas to create a better world!
  • Fencing

    YEL Fencing classes feature: Our trademarked Teach It! Practice It! Play It!® methodology Teach It! – Each class the our coaches teach a number of fencing skills. Our coaches are trained to give athletes micro-lessons where they give athletes a snippet of information (proper parry technique, as an example). Each class builds on techniques from the previous class. Practice It! – During the Practice It! portion of class, athletes line up opposite a partner and practice the technique while standing still. Next, they practice the same technique, but add in footwork, or slightly more complex blade work that leads to the technique in focus. Athletes then rotate partners every two minutes or less. This way athletes get practice with partners of varying skills, heights, and abilities. Play It! – Kids love to compete. During the Play It! portion of each micro-lesson, we game-ify the technique taught into mini-games for the fencers. Then we end each class with 10-20 minutes of match-style fencing (called “bouts”). Again, fencers rotate partners throughout this portion of class. Dynamic coaches – Dedicated, well trained, and kid-friendly coaches is the biggest measure of success for our programs. A quality coach can mean the world of difference for young fencers. Quality coaches can help the student enjoy the sport more easily, learn technical skills more quickly, and develop their acumen at a greater pace. YEL coaches are driven to follow our mission to engage youth to think, learn, and play well. Comprehensive curriculum – YEL fencing has dozens of lessons for the absolute beginner to students who are training to compete in regional tournaments. Safety – Fencing is among the safest of sports, if safety guidelines are followed. To ensure this, we ask that all students have their fencing mask on anytime they are holding a sword or are around anyone with a sword. We also use foils (the weapons for one of the fencing sports) with safety tips, thick gloves, thick jackets, chest plates, and plastrons for older fencers. The rules and techniques we teach also enhance students safety. Hey, no one wants to be deemed a “Safety Violator” by their coach. Equipment – YEL provides all the required fencing equipment for students. We do suggest that if students are interested in the sport for the long term, that those fencers consider purchasing their own equipment.
  • Full Day Off Site Experience: SideKick Theater

    Full Day Off Site Experience: SideKick Theater Is your student interested in the drama behind the curtain? Come join us for a day of play"ing". We will be learning about what it takes to create a play, who is all involved and what there is around the community you can get involved in. In the afternoon we will be going to see the play "Robin Hood" for ourselves and reflecting on what we have learned after. Please arrive to CMS by 10am to take part in our guest speaker. We will depart at 12:00pm and arrive back to site by 2pm. Please bring a water bottle and a bag lunch. Full Days are open from 7:30am - 5:00pm. Experiences within each day will be at varied times. You may cancel a full day experience at any time up to 7 calendar days in advance. You will be charged a $5 cancelation fee, but will receive a full refund for the course. You may not cancel within a 7 calendar day notice. Course Offered by: Eden Prairie Community Education Staff in Partnership with SideKick Theater
  • Full Day Off Site Experience: Valley Fair

    Full Day Off Site Experience: Valley Fair Ever think about the day to day experiences in life where we don't realize what it actually pertains? Join us for a day of physics and experiencing it first hand at Valley Fair! Please arrive to CMS by 9:45 am. We plan to return to CMS around 3:30 pm. Please bring tennis shoes, bagged lunch, a water bottle and money. Full Days are open from 7:30am - 5:00pm. Experiences within each day will be at varied times. You may cancel a full day experience at any time up to 7 calendar days in advance. You will be charged a $5 cancelation fee, but will recieve a full refund for the course. You may not cancel within a 7 calendar day notice. Course Offered by: Eden Prairie Community Education Staff in Partnership with Valley Fair
  • Python Boot Camp

    In the Python Programming course, learn how to program in one of the most widely used languages for Back-End Developers, Data Scientists, and Machine Learning Engineers. Apply Python tools to analyze, and Learn to think & build like a software engineer. This course is designed to build. *Students will need to bring their own device - Chrome book or MacBook Course Offered by: STEM Builders
  • Track and Field Camp

    Skyhawks Track & Field was developed to introduce young athletes to this sport rich in tradition and history. These programs combine technical development and fundamental techniques with safety and a major focus on fun! Using special equipment, our exercises and drills will prepare athletes for a future in cross-country, track and field events, distance running, while inspiring a love for running and being active. The fundamentals of body positioning, stride, proper stretching, and cool-down techniques are all covered in this unique program. Participants will put it all together for one fun-filled day at the end of the week at the Skyhawks track meet! Skyhawks Track & Field camps are perfect for the beginning to intermediate level participant. Please bring appropriate clothing, water bottle, running shoes and sunscreen.