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  • Buying New Construction

    Thinking about moving and considering new construction a housing option because you want an open floor plan and larger closets? Explore what is available, where to find it, and what to expect in new construction include timelines, hidden costs, risks, and the coordination selling your existing home or giving appropriate notice on your lease. You will find that there are differences when selecting a smaller builder verses a national builder.
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    Estate Planning Solutions

    Learn about Wills, Trusts, Health Care Directives & Powers of Attorney. Understand when a Will is sufficient and when you might prefer a Trust. Discover ways to avoid probate. Discussion of common mistakes will help avoid unwanted consequences.
  • Health Care Directive & Power of Attorney (POA)

    Procrastinate no more! No matter what your age, give your family an important gift by creating two legal documents - a Health Care Directive and a Power of Attorney. These documents are vitally important in the event you become incapacitated and cannot make decisions for yourself. In this class, you will prepare both of these documents so you won't end up without these important legal plans in place. Leave class with two notarized documents and give yourself and your loved ones peace of mind. Couples should register both individuals.
  • Introduction to Senior Housing

    Explore alternatives to single family living-from condo & townhomes, cooperatives, subsidized apartments, market rate independent rentals, and housing complexes that offer a continuum of care ranging from independent living to assisted living. Come with your questions to decide what will work best for you and what are your next steps?
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    Prepare Your Own Will

    Who would inherit your possessions, raise your children, or be your personal representative if you die? Without a will, the laws in Minnesota and a judge make all of the decisions. Leave this 2-hour class with a simple, prepared will and have new peace of mind. Instruction and all the necessary forms, witnesses and notaries are provided. Instructor Adam Altman is an attorney experienced in drafting wills. Each individual, regardless of marital status, needs his/her own will. Couples should register both individuals. *The content of this class would be more helpful to those with U.S. citizenship.
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    Social Security and Medicare Basics planning for Couples

    Start planning for income in retirement! This class will cover the basics of Social Security and Medicare and include: •5 factors to consider when deciding to apply for benefits •Innovative strategies for coordinating benefits with your spouse •How to minimize taxes on Social Security Benefits •How Medicare works with private insurance to provide comprehensive coverage •Why you must plan for higher health care costs in retirement – including the possibility of needing long-term care. This class is intended to help married couples become informed about Social Security and Medicare. Price is per couple.
  • Tax Planning in Retirement

    In retirement, your tax rate may vary widely over the years based on the timing and order in which you use different sources of money to pay for your living expenses. You want to apply the tax code in an organized and efficient way. At this workshop you will learn: •The critical tax question you must answer BEFORE retirement •The surprises that often make retirement more expensive •What the Social Security “tax trap” is and how you can avoid it •Why tapping assets in the wrong order can trigger higher Medicare premiums •Why you need to manage taxes even before you retire •The four stages of retirement and important tax actions in each stage, including tricky IRA challenges •Mistakes to avoid when it comes to your investment portfolio, health care, and estate