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  • Multi-Player Minecraft: City Builder

    Minecraft is a sandbox building game that's been dominating the world of video gaming for the past few years. Collaborate with fellow students to construct a city! Students will take home their completed world file at the end of class. Beginners and experienced Minecrafters alike will love this action packed camp! Please bring a lunch, drink and snack. 
  • Robotics: Star Wars Droid Builder

    Bring Star Wars inspired inventions to life - with the Star Wars LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Developer kit. We will start with a simple droid mechanism and then move on to more ambitious droids that move and walk. This modular building system lets student's build using subassemblies, making it easy to create and customize the robotic droids. All these great robotic inventions are powered by the Micro Stout, the smallest LEGO microcomputer, equipped with light sensor, and 6 robotic programs to control our droid creations. Possible Models include Droid Vehicle, Trainer Droids, our version of R2D2 and more! We will experiment with robotic programs that avoid light, seek light, and are controlled by lights, act as alarms and more. 
  • Video Game Coding

    Do you enjoy playing video games? This course will give you hands-on experience developing your own game. Students will create their version of asteroids from scratch, using Construct 2, a visual coding platform that teaches students the basics and structure of programming. Games created in class will be available online, or students can bring in a USB drive for immediate access.