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  • Book Study: Waking Up White

    Each person has a story to tell. Lenses that are used to view their lives. This book study is specifically about deepening consciousness about whiteness, white privilege, and how each of us is impacted by race and racism. Debbie Irving’s book Waking Up White and Finding Myself in the Story of Race will be used as our common text. Engaging us with anecdotes about her own upbringing in a privileged, upper class family, Debby shares with us her story and personal journey about coming to see racism from a systemic perspective rather than one of self-guilt and blame. The text also acts as an invitation for each of us to examine and share our personal stories. In reading, reflecting and listening to the stories others we will not only explore our own family histories, educations, and other experiences outlined in the book, but we will also examine how these factors have played and continue to play a role in creating racial biases and stereotypes in America. The format of this course is Blended Learning Opportunity meaning that our learning will occur both in a face-to-face and in an online environment via a Schoology Course.Copies of the book are available for check out from Eden Prairie Schools. 
  • DNA Testing for Genealogy: The Basics

    Get the most from your DNA test. In this class, we’ll discuss the different kinds of DNA tests available and what sorts of genealogical questions they can help you answer. We’ll also explore similarities and differences among the three main testing companies and why you might choose one over the others. For beginner to intermediate genealogists or anyone new to DNA testing.
  • Martin Luther and the Reformation

    95 Theses/500 Years/3 Nights Walk with us through the events that brought about one of the most influential events of the 16th Century. Night one will cover the people and events that influenced the early reform movement in Europe after the Renaissance. Night Two brings the Reformation to light through the voice of Martin Luther. Martin Luther will make a “guest appearance” through Eden Prairie History Teacher, Martin Teigen (with over 30 years of teaching AP European History). Night Three completes the story of Luther, his excommunication from the Catholic Church by Charles V, and lastly his influence in spreading Protestantism throughout Europe in the years that followed his trial at the Diet of Worms.
  • Minnesota Muslims Up Close

    Historical records show a Muslim presence in Minnesota that goes as far back as 1880. Current estimates put the Muslim population in Minnesota at about 140,000. This class is based on the exhibit Tracks in the Snow – The Minnesota Muslim Experience since 1880 which Islamic Resource Group put together with support from the Minnesota Historical Society in 2014. You will get an exclusive insight into the lives and experiences of Minnesota Muslims from different cultural backgrounds and their pioneering work.
  • The Forgotten Women of History

    For too long, women have been all but excluded from the history books. It is time we take a look at The Women History Forgot. During this class you will find the stories of the women who helped to shape the Western Hemisphere and make the world a better place (usually). Some of the dynamic stories include a Celtic Warrior Chief who played havoc with the mighty Roman legends using highly unusual battle tactics, the woman who invented investigative reporting and beat Phileas Fogg’s fictional record by going around the world in 72 days in 1889, and one of the most feared pirates of the Caribbean, a woman.
  • What You always Wanted to Know about Islam and Muslims

    Always wanted to learn more about Islam and Muslims? Register for this class and you will have a better understanding of what Islam teaches and what Muslims practice. The class will introduce basic terminology, demographics and differences between religion and culture. You will learn about the beliefs and practices of Muslims as well as religious celebrations. You will also have the opportunity to get your questions answered first hand.