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  • 2018 Science Fair

    Looking for an opportunity for your child to explore their curiosity of the world? Then join us for the Eden Prairie Schools Science Fair! All K-8 students are encouraged to participate. Students are asked to develop a project in one of three categories: Life Science, Physical Science or Earth and Space Science. Students will learn about the scientific process and how to design experiments that include isolating, controlling and testing variables. The Science Fair is your child's opportunity to share their experiments and results with judges and interested community members. If you are working with a partner on your project, each student will need to register separately. A question will follow in the registration process where you will be asked to provide the name of your partner. To learn more about the project and safety requirements, please visit www.edenpr.org/epcommunityedSpace is limited for the science fair, so please register early. The deadline to register is FEBRUARY 9th, 2018. Registrations will not be accepted after the deadline. 
  • Engineering for Kids STEM Club

    The Engineering for Kids STEM Club introduces students to a new, hands-on, STEM learning lesson every week from various engineering disciplines. For each lesson, students focus on developing problem solving, critical thinking and peer collaboration skills. These life skills provide students with the confidence to approach challenges in their lives and realize that they can succeed. Don't be discouraged to register if the club has already begun! Our program is designed to make it easy to join at any time. 
  • Fantastic Forces

    Come along a Mad Science tour de force!  Feel angular momentum move you, and investigate inertia in action.  Observe how the forces of flight affect airplane performance and use air pressure to levitate ping pong balls!  Learn about structural engineering when you build a bridge, and electrical engineering as you build circuits.  Discover the link between sound and vibration, the forces required to shape a gemstone, and how to use density to clean up an oil spill.  Get a great signature Mad Science take-home ever day!  Class content varies depending on series length.  Visit mn.madscience.org for class syllabus at your location.
  • Fitness, Mindfulness and Yoga Fun with Fitness Boomers

    This class has a little of everything you need for an active healthy lifestyle!  Have fun with fitness games and activities plus rhythmic dancing. Breathing exercise and meditation with demonstrations and imagination Yoga with music Exercise, fun fitness games and activities with lots of fitness equipment We will focus on developing a greater awareness of both body, mind wellness and breath as we learn how to be a healthy person in mind and body.  Learn to focus and concentrate and how meditation can help lift mind and spirit.  Increase balance, flexibility, agility, coordination speed and motor skills.  Learn about healthy eating habits, good sportsmanship and active life style.Session themes: Love and kindness-Love yourself with meditation Healthy food choices stay active-importance of exercise. Respect, good attitudes, manners be grateful-for family/community How to overcome frustration and sadness-defeat mental illness Building self-confidence and inner peace!” Let’s change the world through our children!
  • Intro to Video Game Design with Nintendo Characters

    New class!  Create YOUR OWN VIDEO GAME!  Love video games?  Students as young as 5 years old can create their own platform video games in this cool class!  Choose your story line with popular Nintendo Characters as your stars; add challenges and levels of difficulty, then share by email or post on the web to challenge family and friends.  Now the 5-8 year olds can practice math, logic, and programming and put their video game talents to work!  The game will be in an animated flash format, viewable in most internet browsers.  *Bring a jump drive to the last day to the last day of class or files can be emailed to the parent.
  • Junior Engineering and Building

    If you have a learner who likes building things and figuring out how things work, they will love this class.  Join us as we explore, investigate, and solve problems while we learn about the building blocks of engineering simple machines.  Students working in pairs will enjoy hands-on activities using LEGO® Gears and special technical engineering components that incorporate math, science and creativity.  Students will work through building models that demonstrate mechanical and physical engineering.  They will then use what they learned to solve challenges.  Learning projects may include mini mechanical concept models, a moving dragon, scale, clown, crane, car, fan, merry-go-round and more.
  • MN Science and Engineering Camp- Spring Break

    Looking for something fun for your child to do during the break while also getting a leap ahead on some awesome science knowledge? MN Science and Engineering Camp is the perfect choice to foster interests in the sciences. During the Spring break, we know your child doesn’t want to sit in a desk all day and be lectured—so we’ve made the focus of this two-day camp to be hands-on and interactive. Designed for kids in grades 2-6, students will be able to run their own experiments and design their own contraptions, all while learning the incredible science behind each project that makes it work. Each day in the camp will have a different focus, ranging from learning about the human anatomy, to designing engineering, to programming robots. Your child is sure to get a healthy dose of Science and Engineering concepts through puzzles, games, and interactive challenges.
  • Minecraft Game Designer

    New class!  Don't just play Minecraft!  Turn Minecraft from a game into a visual learning tool!  This class will reinforce problem solving skills and spatial cognition through learning to create in-game Dungeons and Treasure Map.  Students will work in pairs and will learn basic game design skills while they collaborate to build Adventure maps, as well as some other advanced features in Minecraft.  This class has a strong emphasis on creativity, exploration, and cooperative learning experiences.
  • Minecraft: Creative

    Ignite your student's imagination with this class.  At its core, Minecraft is an open world that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving.  We will be using Minecraft for the PC in creative mode.  This class explores design and building challenges within the game of Minecraft.  Students should bring their love of Minecraft, and be ready for fun and educational challenges.
  • Pokemon Movie Making

    New class!  Work on a stop motion animated POKEMON movie.  Pick your favorite characters to star in your mini-movie; the possibilities are endless.  Action figures, props, and backdrops will be available for filming in class.  Handle all the technical details including using a digital movie camera, filming scenes, stop-motion animation, digital editing and adding finishing special effects and transitions to the movie.  Final projects will be emailed to parents, or students may bring a USB jump drive the last day.
  • RC Robotics

    Students build vehicles and robots containing a LEGO® Robotics Mindstorm Microcomputer which can then be controlled with a remote!  Work with specialty Mindstorm LEGO® pieces such as an advanced touch, heat and light sensors, fiber-optic cables, caterpillar treads, and gear trains.  Play robotic tag with classmates, speed through obstacle courses, and disable enemy bots with "laser" signals sent through fiber-optic cable.  It's a fun way to learn about transmitters, receivers, sensors, robotics and microcomputers.  
  • Science Comes Alive!

    Discover how Science Comes Alive with Mad Science! Become a chemist, biologist and illusionist. Enjoy hands-on fun and experiments while learning about animals, bugs, sea life, magic and chemistry. Get a signature Mad Science take-home each class! Class content varies depending on series length. Visit mn.madscience.org for class syllabus at your location.
  • Talon Robotics (FRC) - Team 2502

    Talon Robotics is the FIRST Robotics Competition team for EPHS. Every year, FRC creates a challenge, this years game is Stronghold.  Our goal is to build a robot to meet this challenge. In last year's game, Aerial Assist, we had to shoot giant balls into goals.  FRC, which stands for FIRST Robotics Competition, is run by FIRST, a non-profit organization that manages other robotics competitions such as FIRST Lego League and FIRST Tech Challenge, which are the elementary and middle school equivalents of FRC. FIRST, which stands for For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, was founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen to motivate young people to pursue opportunities in STEM while building self-confidence, knowledge, and life skills. FIRST seeks to promote teamwork and collaboration even among competing engineers and encourages rival teams to help each other when necessary. This is termed Gracious Professionalism or Cooperation. Team members will also be required to register through the FIRST organization.