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  • Basic Home Repair - Electrical

    Attend this “hands-on” class for the electrical beginner. Learn how to wire single pole, 3-way switches, outlets and light fixture, then test the circuit. We will review procedures to rewire a lamp. Please bring a wire stripper, screwdrivers and long-nose pliers to class if you have them. Cost of Step by Step Guidebook to Home Wiring ($5.00) is collected at the class. Limit: 10 Eden Prairie Community Education www.edenpr.org/epcommunityed
  • Basic Home Repair - Plumbing

    Learn to repair minor plumbing problems or replace fixtures. You will take apart different types of faucets, replace pop-up drain assembly, and discuss the internal working parts of a toilet. You will be able to cut and glue plastic pipe and solder copper pipe and fittings. Supply fee of $5 for Step by Step home plumbing guidebook will be collected by the instructor at the class. Limit: 10Eden Prairie Community Education www.edenpr.org/epcommunityed